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Injuries to the head and the brain can have a massive effect on your ability to function for the rest of your life. Not only do you need a solicitor which is experienced in dealing with these type of claims you need a solicitor who understands the need for clear communication with either yourself or a nominated individual who will be dealing with the matter upon your behalf.

Brain injuries can affect your future employment prospects and consideration needs to be given to the field you used to work in, if you can return and if you can’t how to retrain and obtain compensation for this.

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At Cordell & Co we have helped many clients who have sustained brain injuries and have an excellent track record in providing them with the best possible outcome.

As on all of our cases we act on a NO WIN NO FEE basis which allows us to offer you the best possible service whilst also giving you peace of mind.

We will be able to help you

    • Arrange rehabilitative treatment
    • Obtain interim payments when necessary
    • Help facilitate long term care packages

Provide you with a level of understanding of the process and realistic outcomes of your claim.

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Our committed team of specialists will guide you through every step of the process providing you with honest advice and realistic outcomes to expect on your case. Our team are experts in personal injury and we have been helping people for 30 years. We have a proven track record in obtaining excellent results for our clients.

We also understand the mental, financial and physical difficulty you may be suffering with and will do our utmost to support you throughout the case.

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